To complete this webquest successfully, you will:

  1. first find a partner.
  2. discuss together how your team should work what specific tasks each one should do and which ones should be done together
  3. go the sites with English-speaking countries and visit different countries that interest you
  4. choose an English-speaking country with your partner.  Make note of your reasons for choosing this country: Write with your partner everything you already know about this country.
  5. brainstorm/decide TOGETHER what are the important points (information) you should include in your presentation.(you need at least 3 points: geographical situation, kind of government, points of interest)
  6. collect information either in books, magazines, on the Internet, from cds or other sources about your topics.
  7. decide with your partner what type of presentation you would like to do (Power Point, wordprocessor. ...)  Make a checklist of what you will need to have and know to do this type of presentation to make sure you have or can get the resources you will need. 
  8. transfer your notes into a  presentation that could include a pamphlet, brochure, video, etc. that you choose as appropriate. Make sure you put your ideas in your own words; text and sentences.
  9. Fine-tune your presentation using pictures, music...
  10. Don’t forget to  be careful with handwriting, neatness.
  11. You’re ready for your presentation!

- google
ask: motor de busca para fazer perguntas completas (em Inglês!)
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