Webinars já realizados - Future Classroom Lab

A pedido da Equipa da Future Classroom Lab, Bruxelas, somos a divulgar os webinars, já realizados e gravados, onde poderá obter mais informações sobre como envolver os alunos em STEM ou em construir uma Future Classroom Lab

Developing professional learning to ensure sustained improvements in schools and educational systems – 19 April 2016
IRIS Connect is a collaborative professional development platform for teachers empowering them to reflect on and share practice with their peers. It’s used currently in 20% of English secondary schools and it is deployed in 15 countries in the EU and other parts of the world. This webinar will cover a brief background to the research and proposition which lies behind the development of IRIS Connect to ensure improvements in schools. Find more details about this webinar in the attached file.
Webinar recording: http://fcl.eun.org/web/guest/news/details?articleId=1016935

How to set up a learning lab – practical example of Lab 21.0, Belgium –12 April 2016Lab 21.0 is a recently opened 'learning lab' at the secondary school RHIZO Lyceum OLV Vlaanderen, Belgium. It forms part of the school-wide innovation project School 21.0. The project coordinators will tell in this webinar about their experience of planning, setting up and launching the Lab 21.0.
Webinar recording: http://fcl.eun.org/web/guest/news/details?articleId=986336

What is ‘collaboration' and how can it be taught? – 16 March 2015
In this webinar, SMART Technology will focus on the need to reflect on what we mean by collaborative learning and how teachers can best introduce and support this as part of their normal classroom practice.   
Webinar recording: http://fcl.eun.org/web/guest/news/details?articleId=954041